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Sang Martir (2012) | Jayafilm

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Sang Martir
   JuduL : Sang Martir

   Tahun : 2012

   Subtitle : indonesia

   negara : indonesia

   Genre : Drama,

Rangga (Duke Dolken), a student of 20 years old living since childhood in an orphanage with his brother and Sarah (Widyanto Salsabila). Panti an Islamic upbringing is owned by Haji Rachman (Jamal Mirdad) and his wife Hajjah Rosna (Henidar Amroe) who had no offspring, and become parents for the children Panti One day, Lili (Widy Vierra) girl aged 17 was raped by Jerink (Edo Borne) a civilian-controlled territory Panti Rambo (Tio Pakusadewo), sister Jerink. Rangga ask any liability resulting Jerink they are involved in a duel, to Jerink killed. Rangga jailed for three years. Situation parlors after Rangga in prison changed tragic, Haji Rachman death by Rambo to dominate possession areal parlors. Children stopped school nursing, and currently used as street beggars Rangga sip of freedom, the vassals ready menghabisinya Rambo, but genk nephews Jerry (Ray Sahetapy), head genk bebuyutan enemy civilian rescue Rambo. Rangga occupies Jerry owned tenement house near the church. Almost every day a teenage girl, Love (Nadine Alexandra) standing outside the church. Rangga curious to see the girl praying outside. Rangga and Love know each other and become closer, the teens of different confidence admire each other and fall in love. Conflict genk Rambo and Jerry is getting heat for seizing territory, so even more serious situation when Rambo get order a person to divert public attention on a corruption case , the war between genk and church bomb issue. Rambo shot Jerry church in the region. As provincial authorities parlors, forcing Rambo Rangga to be a martyr, in lieu of the safety of all children's orphanage Rangga and Love, a pair of teenagers so witnesses representing social Marut bad condition of this race. For those differences are fated to be mutually appreciated. Dilematis painful for Rangga, between saving children orphanage Rambo or follow orders to bomb the church mem-