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Born To Sing
   JuduL : Born To Sing

   Tahun : 2013

   Subtitle : indonesia

   negara : korea

   Genre : komedi, Drama,

The TV program National Singing Contest is set to film in the city of Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province. Because the contest is well known as a ticket to becoming a star singer, a number of locals scramble to appear in the televised show. Among the applicants is Bong-nam (Kim In-kwon), a financially inept, socially awkward man who works as an assistant at his wife's hair salon during the day and as a personal driver for intoxicated businessmen at night. But Bong-nam's lifelong dream has always been to sing. When he hears the news that the country's most popular singing contest will be held in his hometown, he takes part in the preliminary auditions without telling his wife Mi-ae (Ryu Hyun-kyung). But soon, his stunning performance makes him the talk of the town, and he becomes an overnight star among the middle-aged women in the city